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Chapter 274 Possessive

  • Any ordinary person might really not be able to withstand Tang Wanwan's pitiful look, but unfortunately, Xi Zhiheng was not just some ordinary person.
  • Meanwhile, Yan Anmo was not the kind of submissive pushover either.
  • Her possessive instinct for Xi Zhiheng had long since reached an overwhelming level, so she was extremely disgusted with anyone who wanted to get close to Xi Zhiheng.
  • Therefore, she plainly refused Tang Wanwan by saying, “We know the way. By the way, you are no younger than Uncle Seven. I am afraid you shouldn’t be addressing him like a little girl calling after her brother.”
  • “Anmo, how could you talk like that?” Yan Anmo’s speech was so blunt that Tang Wanwan was a little awkward, so she could only resolve the embarrassment with forced laughter.
  • “My Uncle Seven is not your brother, so I am not your sister either. I hope you don't simply address us like you’re very familiar with us anymore, Auntie,” said Yan Anmo. She then wrapped her arms around Xi Zhiheng's arm, and smiled sweetly at him. “Uncle Seven, let's go home.”
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