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Chapter 269 Reversal

  • To be honest, she also felt unsure when saying this, but she had no other choice because she could only think of that man in the current situation.
  • However, she clearly saw that Ji Yiqing’s expression had darkened and her pupils constricted for a second.
  • Upon noticing her unease, Yan Anmo continued, “Aren’t you worried that he might start to hate you after knowing what you’ve done to me?!”
  • “Are you threatening me now?” Ji Yiqing could not help but sneer, “Who do you think you are? Are you even qualified to threaten me?”
  • Everybody else just felt that Yan Anmo was talking nonsense. How would Xi Zhiheng not know who should be his priority when one of them was his company’s insignificant artist, whereas the other one was his own fiancée?
  • Although Yan Anmo had mentioned Uncle Seven just now, nobody cared about who Uncle Seven was and they obviously could not relate him with Xi Zhiheng.
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