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Chapter 266 Scheming

  • “Please go back and tell her not to press her luck and beware of karma.”
  • Julie’s eyes widened in shock as she still seemed to find Yan Anmo disregarding Ji Yiqing unbelievable.
  • Before she could talk back, Yan Anmo had already brought Zhou with her and left the office.
  • Julie was not the only one who was shocked, for Zhou also found Yan Anmo’s aggressiveness unbelievable. From that second onward, she deeply respected and admired Yan Anmo. She always saw Yan Anmo as an easy-going person and that she would never be aggressive. It seemed like she had underestimated her after seeing what happened just now.
  • “Miss Yan, you were so cool just now.” Zhou looked at Yan Anmo with adoration; her eyes were almost dazzling as she had already regarded the latter as her favorite idol.
  • “Was I?” Yan Anmo twitched her lips, but her heart was feeling uneasy. To be honest, she felt relieved after speaking everything out on this day. Previously, she had been enduring and making concessions, causing her opponents to become bolder and daring to hurt her endlessly.
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