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Chapter 256 Changing Actors

  • Oh no! She forgot to take her bag because she was unconscious last night.
  • Resigned, all Yan Anmo could do was to ask a passerby for help. Fortunately, that passerby was her fan, so he agreed to lend Yan Anmo his phone without a second thought. She then thanked him before dialing a number.
  • Much to her surprise, the call went through and Zhou’s confused voice drifted from the phone’s speakers. “Hello?”
  • “Zhou?” Yan Anmo heaved a heavy sigh of relief. “Is my phone with you?”
  • “Miss Yan? Oh, you called me at last; I was nearly at my wits end. Where were you last night?” Zhou immediately began to ask in a panic upon hearing Yan Anmo’s voice.
  • Yan Anmo gathered herself. “Where are you now? I’ll head over.”
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