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Chapter 249 Arriving at the Set

  • Mr. Li rubbed his hands and said, “Umm, don’t be bothered with Vivi, Anmo. She is your senior, and sometimes her words do not sound pleasant to the ear, but she is a good person. You should get well as soon as possible, since you can’t be late to the set.”
  • “I know.”
  • Lying on the sofa with reddened eyes, Yan Anmo was a little exhausted since she just cried and had a low blood sugar level.
  • After Mr. Li left, Zhou went to a nearby convenience store to buy a box of sushi and milk for Yan Anmo.
  • Thinking that she must not slow down the progress of the team, Yan Anmo forced herself to eat two pieces of sushi despite her lack of appetite. Yet, upon seeing the bottle of milk, her heart felt like it was being pierced by a needle.
  • “Throw the milk away, and bring the rest along. I will eat it later.”
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