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Chapter 247 Injured

  • “Be careful!” Yan Anmo’s pupils dilated in an instant. In the next second, her body moved faster than her consciousness, and she immediately pushed Song Yufei out of the way!
  • The rock smashed down diagonally. Song Yufei managed to dodge it, but Yan Anmo’s shoulder was severely scratched by the sharp edges of the rock at an oblique angle!
  • When the pain hit, Yan Anmo couldn’t help but hiss.
  • Song Yufei realized what had happened the moment he was pushed away, so he grabbed the blond man’s wrist as soon as he turned around and squeezed his shoulders, pushing him back to the ground.
  • “It hurts, it hurts—” the blond man couldn’t help but howl in pain.
  • “Anmo, are you okay?”
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