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Chapter 231 A Small Shop

  • The shop assistant was about to scan her items when Yan Anmo stopped him. “Sorry, I’d like to ask if I can get a whole box instead?”
  • The shop assistant didn’t understand her. “What?”
  • “I’d like a boxful of each pen here,” Yan Anmo explained.
  • “Every one of these pens?” The shop assistant looked at the pens that Yan Anmo had brought over. They were all pricey pens, the kind that made students hesitate before even contemplating buying one.
  • “Yeap. Please help me to get a boxful of each type of pen if you can. I’m going to take a look at the notebooks.” Yan Anmo wanted to confirm if she could buy these many pens from this shop.
  • The shop assistant looked at Yan Anmo with glassy eyes. He knew that there were wealthy people hiding among the art school’s students, but this was still the first time he had ever seen anyone buy such expensive pens by the boxful.
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