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Chapter 223 Unwanted

  • Yan Anmo nodded in satisfaction. The two letters she was printing represented her name. She wanted Xi Zhiheng to have her with him wherever he went.
  • Just the thought of it made her feel happy.
  • Yan Anmo returned to the car with a big smile on her face. When the driver saw her, he wanted to ask her what she was so happy about, but he was just a driver, so he chose to remain silent and drove quietly.
  • "When we get back, don't tell Xi Zhiheng that I went to that store," Yan Anmo deliberately tried to sound authoritative, but it made her look a bit cute instead.
  • "OK, Miss, I understand," the driver nodded. Although he didn't understand why Yan Anmo was keeping this a secret, he was not saying anything unless Xi Zhiheng asked. But if Xi Zhiheng asked, then...
  • "If Xi Zhiheng asks, tell him that I came directly home after leaving the hospital," Yan Anmo instructed.
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