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Chapter 217 Forgiveness

  • Xi Zhiheng suddenly realized that his past self had actually accounted for everything. He wouldn’t have said such words otherwise.
  • “Then what if I tell you now that you have to believe me regardless of anything? What would you do?” he asked, heartbroken.
  • “Xi Zhiheng, you actually have the guts to say something like this?” Yan Anmo couldn’t comprehend how he still had the courage to say what he did.
  • However, her thoughts suddenly took a turn, and she laughed in exasperation; it felt a little sarcastic. “Oh, I nearly forgot that you lost your memory. You don’t remember what happened in the past, so of course you can just say anything.”
  • Xi Zhiheng reached out to wipe away the tears on Yan Anmo’s face. Yan Anmo wanted to evade his touch, but she didn’t pull away fast enough.
  • “I will make you believe me.” His hands could feel the smoothness and softness of Yan Anmo’s face. He gulped involuntarily.
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