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Chapter 207 Slap

  • Yingying's eyes were red. As she gripped onto her phone, the veins on her hands began to show. Even from a distance, one could see that she was trembling.
  • Clearly, her anger had reached a certain level.
  • All the makeup artists were dumbfounded and didn't know what had happened. The woman that helped Yingying apply her makeup earlier, asked in concern, "What's wrong, Yingying? Are you OK?"
  • The girl that was still calming her nerves on the side, tugged on Yingying's sleeve and asked, "Yingying, if you're nervous, join me. We can take deep breaths together. It's very effective."
  • Yingying brushed her hand away and her gaze slowly turned evil. She glared at Yan Anmo who was standing outside and threw her phone towards her like she had lost her mind!
  • Yan Anmo didn't even realize what was happening before the phone hit her on the forehead!
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