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Chapter 203 Awkward

  • "Why does your name sound so nice? Did your parents give you that name?" Shan asked.
  • Yan Anmo's expression froze and she did not reply. "Shan, I brought a lot of fruit. It's not just for grandma, you should eat some too."
  • "Sister Anmo, for some reason, someone delivered us breakfast this morning. It was especially sumptuous," Shan said as he gestured with his hands. "Unfortunately, grandma couldn't eat any because she had just come out of her surgery. I ended up eating it all on my own. I've never eaten something so delicious before."
  • "Sister Anmo, who exactly are you? How did you manage to call a helicopter? You didn't even let us pay and you got my grandma such a good room. Also..."
  • Before Shan finished speaking, Yan Anmo stretched out her index finger and placed it on his mouth, "Shhh..."
  • "Let's not disturb grandma's sleep," Yan Anmo gestured.
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