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Chapter 192 Injury

  • Yan Anmo didn't even finish speaking yet.
  • "I understand, Miss. I will send a helicopter to pick you and the patient up right now. Give me your address." Housekeeper Liu understood Yan Anmo. Yan Anmo had been protected by Xi Zhiheng too well. Moreover, she was an innocent, kindhearted and non-calculative person, so he knew what she wanted to do straight away.
  • Yan Anmo looked at Shan excitedly and finally revealed a smile, "OK, I'll send it to you straight away!"
  • As soon as she hung up the phone, Yan Anmo asked Shan, "Shan, hurry and tell me your address. I'll send it to him so he can come to pick up your grandma."
  • Shan excitedly told Yan Anmo the name of their mountain.
  • Yan Anmo froze. "Do you only have the name of mountain? Don't you have a more precise address?"
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