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Chapter 190 Condition

  • Because a cameraman followed her back, Yan Anmo was not frightened by the dark path.
  • It didn't take Yan Anmo long to arrive back at Shan's grandmother's home. The front door was open; Shan had left it open for her.
  • As she entered, Shan and his grandmother were chatting at the dining table. When they saw Yan Anmo, they waved her over to join them for dinner.
  • "Sister Anmo! Hurry and join us for dinner?" Shan stood up, walked over, and grabbed Yan Anmo's hand.
  • Yan Anmo smiled and sat down. "Grandma, what did the doctor say?"
  • "Thank you, child. The doctor said I'm fine. I simply need some rest and I'll be better," Shan's grandmother said with a kind smile.
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