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Chapter 174 Rescue

  • Because Li went to deal with the driver, Xi Zhiheng did the driving.
  • "Call Brother Nianrui as well. Tell him to bring a few people. I feel like that will be safer..." Yan Anmo said as she looked at Xi Zhiheng who was driving. They were the only two people in the car. If they turned up on their own, they would probably die a pitiful death...
  • "I don't know where he is."
  • "His home is just up ahead," Yan Anmo pointed.
  • Xi Zhiheng drove towards the direction that Yan Anmo was pointing to and stopped in front of Tang Nianrui's home. Yan Anmo knew the code to Tang Nianrui's house, so she entered it and walked straight in.
  • "Tang Nianrui--" Yan Anmo cried out as she rushed inside and ran naturally to his bedroom like she was familiar with the place.
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