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Chapter 171 Calling The Police

  • The hospital.
  • Yan Anmo lay in bed and thought about a lot of things. She wanted to withdraw from the show, but she had already signed a contract with Love Entertainment, so she knew it wasn't easy to withdraw as she pleased.
  • She sighed weakly and closed her eyes.
  • Outside, someone ran into something in the corridor and she heard a nurse say, "Uncle Liu, where's your son? Hurry back to your bed to get some rest."
  • When Yan Anmo heard this, she suddenly thought of Housekeeper Liu, and an image of him appeared in her mind.
  • She didn't hate Housekeeper Liu as much as she hated Xi Zhiheng, but she didn't want to think about him either. After all, the Xi Family had absolutely nothing to do with her.
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