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Chapter 167 Fragrance

  • "If Ci didn't call me, I wouldn't have known that you became a star," Kitaku said as he held a nicely packaged wooden lunch box in his hands.
  • He lifted it up, "Your dinner."
  • "I called Su Ci to ask what you like to eat, but he told me not to trouble myself with it, and said he would deal with it," Brother Li shrugged. "It turns out, he sent someone to deliver food for you!"
  • "OK, go ahead and eat. I will go home. Remember to pack your luggage tonight. You will have to move here tomorrow night," Brother Li reminded.
  • Yan Anmo assented.
  • Kitaku led Yan Anmo to his car. Just as Yan Anmo was about to open the lunch box, Kitaku suddenly stopped her, "Wait."
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