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Chapter 166 Problem

  • Yan Anmo was not nervous. Ever since the previous night, she had been in a dazed state. After everything she experienced, how did she have space left to feel nervous?
  • Yan Anmo smiled at Sweetie, "I'm OK."
  • Sweetie held her hand to her chest and tried to comfort herself, "Oh my God, I'm so nervous!"
  • Roughly half an hour later, it was finally Yan Anmo's turn. She walked into the studio where there were a few cameras and members of staff. All of a sudden, her nerves tensed up.
  • "Yan Anmo, right? Sit on the chair, we will ask you a few questions," the director said as he stood in the middle holding some documents in his hands without any expression.
  • Yan Anmo gulped and sat down.
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