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Chapter 162 Acting Cute

  • Tang Nianrui left the dining table, lay comfortably on the sofa, and asked Auntie Liu for a blanket.
  • Xi Zhiheng glanced at Tang Nianrui. Ever since he lost his memory, he was subconsciously repulsed by certain people, but Tang Nianrui actually made him feel relaxed.
  • Perhaps, it was because their relationship was really good before.
  • Xi Zhiheng turned around and went upstairs. He was ready to search through every room. Since Tang Nianrui left him with a few words and went to lie comfortably on the sofa, it was clear that he was not saying anything else.
  • Xi Zhiheng couldn't wait to find the answer.
  • For some unknown reason, Xi Zhiheng originally wanted to start searching from the farthest room, but when he was passing the room in the middle, he suddenly detected a charming fragrance. He instinctively stopped in his tracks and placed his hand on the door handle.
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