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Chapter 159 Jinx

  • Zhang Cheng huddled up to the side, too afraid to say a word. He pressed his back against the wall and tried to find a pose to conceal his nervousness.
  • "Cheng, you explain," Father Su looked deeply at Su Ci and turned to ask Zhang Cheng instead.
  • Su Ci immediately lifted his swollen face and gave Zhang Cheng a look.
  • Zhang Cheng trembled and stuttered, "Uncle...that...I really don't know what happened. He called me so I went to look for him and I ended up finding him like that..."
  • "Cheng, I really need to thank you. Otherwise, who knows how this child would have ended up. Ci has always made people worry and he causes trouble everywhere," Mother Su sighed sadly. "Previously, he broke his leg because of that brat. Ever since then, I've been particularly scared that he woud get hurt. This time..."
  • Father Su heard Mother Su mention a 'brat' and knew she was clearly referring to Yan Anmo. His heart skipped a beat and he began to wonder whether Su Ci's accident this time was also because of Xi Zhiheng's woman.
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