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Chapter 148 Substitute

  • Yan Anmo suddenly panicked and her eyes filled with fear.
  • "Please welcome our sixth contestant to the stage. Coming from Love Entertainment!" the host's voice echoed from the speakers around the venue.
  • Li Geppeng patted Yan Anmo on the shoulder and helped her remove her coat, "Quick, Anmo, it's your turn to go on stage!"
  • Yan Anmo's body suddenly trembled and her legs froze; she couldn't move.
  • When the host saw no one go on stage, he felt a little awkward, so he called out again, "Please welcome our sixth contestant to the stage. Let's encourage them with an applause!"
  • Su Ci watched from the side and thought Yan Anmo was nervous, so he said comfortingly, "Silly, don't be nervous. Just think of it as having some fun. Go up there, sing a few notes and come back down. I'll be here to keep you company."
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