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Chapter 145 Awake

  • But, just as Father Xi lifted his eyes and looked through the glass window, he saw Xi Zhiheng's pale face.
  • His heart thumped. He never liked the way that Xi Zhiheng looked at him over the years because his eyes were always filled with hatred.
  • But...for some reason, Xi Zhiheng's gaze looked clean today. He had never seen his son look at him with no trace of hatred at all.
  • After much hesitation, Father Xi finally entered the quarantine room.
  • Xi Zhiheng stared at him without a word.
  • Father Xi walked up to Xi Zhiheng's bed. His heart was nervous and emotional, but he appeared as calm as water on the surface. "It's good that you're awake. We will be skipping the inheritance ceremony. You simply have to sign your name."
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