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Chapter 142 Meeting

  • Xi Minghao understood. The Ji Family was trying to throw Ji Yiqing into his arms.
  • But, why would he want a woman that Xi Zhiheng didn't want?
  • Then again, if Xi Corporation didn't end up in his hands in the end, would getting engaged to the Jis be better than sticking to the Bais?
  • After all, the Bais were just a bunch of cowards.
  • Xi Minghao couldn't help but reveal a trace of smugness on the corner of his lips. He rested one leg on the other, leaned back, and looked at Ji Yiqing, "Yiqing, it's been a long time."
  • Ji Yiqing rolled her eyes and said in an unpleasant tone, "I didn't want to see you."
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