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Chapter 138 Zhang Cheng

  • After class, Su Ci and Yan Anmo went to the mathematics building next door to look for Zhang Cheng.
  • By this time, Zhang Cheng was the only one left in the classroom.
  • When Yan Anmo saw him, he was in a daze on his own, so she called out to him, "Cheng--"
  • Zhang Cheng turned around with an empty look in his eyes. When he saw Yan Anmo, his gaze finally warmed up a little. Su Ci walked in, hooked his arm around his neck, and said threateningly, "You are treating lunch today or our friendship is over!"
  • Yan Anmo thought Su Ci was acting childish. She knew that Zhang Cheng had suffered a trauma. Not only had he accidentally killed someone, he was probably afraid to face Su Ci...
  • "Let's go eat. You pay today, Su Ci will pay tomorrow, and I will pay the day after that." Although Yan Anmo was also hurt because of the incident, she was willing to step forward and help Zhang Cheng out of the darkness.
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