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Chapter 136 Stain

  • A few hours later.
  • Xi Zhiheng's private jet landed on the rooftop of the Xi Corporation building. This was the closest landing spot from Yan Anmo.
  • He gave Housekeeper Liu another phone call, but his phone was switched off.
  • Xi Zhiheng didn't think that much and drove straight to the police station. But, he was too worried and nervous and Xi Minghao was hidden well, so he didn't notice whether Xi Minghao was outside the police station.
  • Xi Zhiheng walked into the lobby and looked around; Yan Anmo was nowhere to be found. That was when he remembered the video of Yan Anmo covered in blood and his heart tightened.
  • As it was already the early morning, there were only a few officers on duty. When Xi Zhiheng ran in anxiously, they thought he was there to report a crime.
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