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Chapter 135 Bail Her

  • After hanging up the phone, Housekeeper Liu immediately rushed to the police station. But, just as he reached the entrance, a bunch of people blocked his way.
  • Xi Minghao stepped out from the crowd and looked at him with a smile, "Housekeeper Liu, what a coincidence."
  • "Young Master Six." Housekeeper Liu could sense that the situation was bad.
  • "En, since you're being respectful, let me tell you that no one is allowed inside until Xi Zhiheng arrives." As soon as he finished speaking, Xi Minghao waved his hand and a group of people surrounded Housekeeper Liu and held him back.
  • "Young Master Six!"
  • "This is the police station!" Housekeeper Liu didn't expect Xi Minghao to be so brazen!
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