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Chapter 128 Shares Ownership

  • Housekeeper Liu walked over, opened the door, and said lightly, "President Su, please come in."
  • Su Yizou had been standing for a while, so as soon as he started walking, he almost fell. Fortunately, he supported himself against the door frame as he maintained a calm expression on the surface.
  • "Young Master Xi, I heard you were looking for me." Su Yizou walked in and saw Xi Zhiheng's expression. After standing outside for so long, he had already guessed that he wasn't here for something good, but now that he saw Xi Zhiheng, he had an even worse feeling.
  • He thought about his previous interactions with Xi Zhiheng, but nothing special had ever happened between them. If he had to draw some kind of relationship between them, it would simply be that he had heard about him in the business world.
  • "Your wife offended my woman," Xi Zhiheng lifted his eyes and looked at him with a cold vibe that instilled fear.
  • Su Yizou panicked and tried to recall any incidences that Lan Ying had with Xi Zhiheng's woman, but wait--
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