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Chapter 123 Joke

  • Yan Anmo knew she had to go to the hospital immediately so she let him carry her.
  • After they arrived at the hospital, the doctor examined her, diagnosed it as an allergy, and prescribed her a drip and medicine.
  • Because of the drip, Xi Zhiheng got Yan Anmo specifically admitted into a VIP hospital room.
  • "How did you know where I was?" Yan Anmo sighed. She didn't expect to have an allergic reaction because of a change in surroundings.
  • "Why didn't you take more when you left?" Xi Zhiheng touched her forehead. She appeared to have a fever.
  • Yan Anmo remembered how she looked like someone that was rushing to the market in the morning and suddenly found herself hilarious. After holding back for a long time, she could not hold back anymore and burst into laughter. She laughed so hard that her stomach began to hurt.
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