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Chapter 121 Apartment Inspection

  • All the way home, Yan Anmo did not say anything to Xi Zhiheng.
  • After they arrived, Yan Anmo ran straight back to her room and locked the door.
  • When Auntie Liu saw the situation, she realized Yan Anmo was angry, so she looked at Xi Zhiheng. But, not only was his expression gloomy and unhappy, there was frustration between his brows. Originally, she wanted to ask the reason, but when she saw the state he was in, she did not dare to speak up.
  • "Young Master, do you want to eat something?" Auntie Liu asked carefully.
  • "Prepare something for her," Xi Zhiheng finally replied after some time before he turned and returned to his room.
  • Auntie Liu agreed and went to prepare some food for Yan Anmo. But, when she knocked on the door, there was no reaction from inside.
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