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Chapter 119 Have Her

  • Xi Zhiheng kissed Yan Anmo without hesitation. His actions were passionate and dominant.
  • "Mm-- Let me go..." Yan Anmo's mind buzzed as she tried to break free. But, Xi Zhiheng held onto her and she couldn't move at all.
  • At the same time, Xi Zhiheng hooked his finger around the strap of her nightgown and pulled it down.
  • Yan Anmo's body became tense. She closed her eyes tightly as her heart rate increased.
  • Xi Zhiheng avoided the injury on her chest and kissed her.
  • At that moment, Yan Anmo exploded with embarrassment. She was clearly trying to resist, but electricity seemed to be coursing through her body. When Xi Zhiheng touched her, her body trembled.
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