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Chapter 116 Applying Ointment

  • However, she wasn't certain whether this was considered as attraction.
  • She had felt the same way towards Xi Zhiheng since she was a child, but as she grew older, the feelings grew stronger and more complicated.
  • "Yes," Xi Zhiheng replied swiftly.
  • Yan Anmo felt like a countless number of ants were gnawing at her heart and the pain was unbearable. She stared quietly into Xi Zhiheng's eyes and tried to find the answer she was looking for.
  • On the surface, Xi Zhiheng looked calm like water, but his heart felt like it had experienced a storm. He was completely helpless, but he pretended to be unphased.
  • Last night, when he discovered that Yan Anmo was missing, he already guessed that she would find out about his engagement.
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