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Chapter 111 Late Return

  • Like that, Yan Anmo was left sitting quietly on the sofa. She tried hard to keep her eyes open. Even when her upper and lower lids began to fight, she held on.
  • After some time, her brain began to feel muddled from tiredness and her gaze became empty; she couldn't hold on anymore.
  • In her daze, she saw a tall and handsome man approach her.
  • Yan Anmo immediately sat upright and rubbed her eyes as she looked at the man in front of her and shouted in surprise, "Uncle Seven!"
  • Xi Zhiheng was back!
  • Yan Anmo immediately jumped off the sofa, pounced forward, and hugged him tightly. "They said you weren't returning tonight but I didn't believe them. I knew you would be back..."
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