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Chapter 110 Grand Piano

  • Yan Anmo asked the maids to show her around the castle. It wasn't actually a traditional castle, but one that was renovated, so it wasn't that old.
  • The truth was, Yan Anmo was most interested in the fact that Xi Zhiheng grew up in this place. Apparently, Xi Zhiheng had moved here by himself after his mother died.
  • "How long have you guys been here?" Yan Anmo asked in English. Even though her English was still a bit lousy, she knew she had to gather her courage and speak it. If she practiced now, then she could converse more smoothly with Towsend when he arrived.
  • "I can't remember. Over a decade, I guess." To her surprise, the maids in the household spoke Mandarin.
  • "Speak English to me. I want to practice my speaking."
  • Immediately, the maids started communicating to her in English. However, it took Yan Anmo quite a bit of concentration to listen to them because their English was a lot different to what she normally heard during her listening practices.
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