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Chapter 108 Falling Into Water

  • "You got drunk and fell asleep," Xi Zhiheng said as he grabbed the thick coat that Auntie Liu brought. "Are you full?"
  • Yan Anmo nodded her head stiffly and drank all the milk in her glass.
  • Xi Zhiheng helped her put on the coat. "I'll take you."
  • On the way, Yan Anmo's head felt heavy again. She closed her eyes for a little while and Xi Zhiheng woke her up when they arrived at the gates of University A.
  • "I don't have class this afternoon and will be finished at 11:30am. Will you come to get me?" Just as Yan Anmo was about to step out of the car, Xi Zhiheng pulled her back and helped her zip up her coat.
  • "En."
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