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Chapter 106 Jealous

  • Yan Anmo's tears rushed out. She looked at Xi Zhiheng with her teary eyes and finally couldn't help but pounce into his arms as she cried like a child.
  • "Uncle Seven..." Yan Anmo sobbed with a thick nasally tone as she looked at him pleadingly, "I don't want to stay here. Can you send me overseas to study?"
  • Ultimately, she just wanted to stay far away from Su Ci and all the gossip.
  • She thought Xi Zhiheng would agree, but she didn't expect him to reject her instead.
  • "Not now. Wait a bit." Xi Zhiheng's heart ached, but there was nothing he could do. "Be good, Anmo."
  • "Why? You promised that I could have whatever I want, but why do you always break your promise at the most critical moment?" Yan Anmo stopped sobbing, got up from his arms, and sneered, "I almost forgot that you don't keep promises. Otherwise, you wouldn't have abandoned me."
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