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Chapter 102 Annoying

  • "People change," Auntie Liu interrupted coldly before she scooped a bowl of fish soup for Xi Zhiheng.
  • "Miss Ji, do you want a bowl of fish soup too?"
  • Ji Yiqing suddenly thought of something and looked at Yan Anmo with hostility, but she directed her words at Auntie Liu, "When he was young, Zhiheng used to always drink the fish soup made by his mother. That's why he hates fish soup now that he's grown up. Yan Anmo may not know this, but don't tell me that you don't know."
  • Auntie Liu froze for a moment. Of course, she knew this...
  • Yan Anmo also stopped breathing when she heard this. She had no idea about this. In these 9 years, she had often asked Auntie Liu to cook fish soup for her, and whenever she did, she would make her cook it consecutively for several days.
  • During these times, Xi Zhiheng naturally drank the fish soup with her...
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