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Chapter 39

  • Rose
  • We step out of the car to see Elia walking straight towards the door without a second glance behind; making me sigh before glancing at Elis. He is busy eyeing him from behind—somehow thinking.
  • ''I know that you're worried about him but he'll be alright. Just—don't try to hide it away,'' He says. My eyebrows furrow in confusion at his sudden words, leaving me trying to understand what he said.
  • ''What do you mean?'' I ask.
  • Elis looks down at me, his brown eyes meeting my blue ones before answering, ''The look on your face. It shows how much you're worried about him. I don't blame you, I would be worried too—he used or may still be your love. What I'm trying to say is that, don't try to hide away your feelings for him,'' The way he said those words; he was forcing himself. I know it.
  • I take a few steps closer towards him, slightly closing the distance between us because I want to make sure and make things clear that I'm not living in the past; waiting for the unknown. As far as I know, my heart no longer belongs to Elia. I've took my heart back because I can't cooperate or deal with him. He gave me a temporary happiness for a permanent pain.
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