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Chapter 30

  • Elia
  • ''Satisfied?'' I ask, clenching my jaw.
  • With a smirk on her face, she appears out from the shadows; the spot she has been hiding ever since Rose came. Her light green eyes stand out most and highlighting her every features, telling almost everyone that she's absolutely stunning—but a heartless bitch.
  • Her red coloured lips are curving up into a smile, showing how she's satisfied that her plans worked successfully. Then, she takes a few steps towards me before placing both of her hands on my chest—fixing my shirt, ''Not what I expected but you did well,'' She replies, placing her hand on the side of my face.
  • Her touch does not affect me. At all.
  • ''Don't be so coldhearted, Elia. I just made you one of the richest man and settled all of your debts. You no longer have to worry about getting killed,'' She says, standing beside me before placing a cigarette in between her lips; inhaling the smoke.
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