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Chapter 13

  • Rose
  • My whole body shakes in fear of what I have in mind; fear of losing him. As I turn to look at the amount of people here who are also shocked at the sound, I start to risk my life and run back towards Elia. People are currently going towards the other direction so I push through them, wanting to arrive as soon as possible.
  • Once I arrive at the scene, I see the car burning into flames—making my eyes widen. I look around, seeing how people are staying as far as they can from the car while I keep on getting closer; wanting to see if there's anyone inside. 
  • As I get closer, I see a burned dead body at the same spot where I last saw Elia. My legs weaken at the sight—feeling tears forming and gliding down my cheeks, not completely believing what I'm seeing. When I almost reach the car and try to shout out his name, someone starts pulling me away from the fire, leaving me falling down onto the ground with sadness consuming.
  • ''Are you okay, miss?'' I hear someone faintly ask but I stay still, looking down on the ground with regret. Why did I leave in the first place? I should've stayed. I should've just taken his gun and shoot those men or at least try to get him out of there. I thought to myself.
  • ''Chiamare i vigili del fuoco!'' Someone shouts from afar as I stand up, having the urge to get out of here and leave this place. My heart couldn't take the slight pain—continuing to walk down the road, ignoring people who bumps into me because for all I know, I can't keep on thinking about Elia.
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