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Chapter 43

  • Rose
  • ''What do you mean?'' I turn to look at Elis.
  • His eyes remain focus on mine; confusing me of his words but I wait for his answer, wanting him to at least explain further so that I'll be able to understand.
  • I watch him take a few steps closer towards me as I squint my eyes due to the sun and letting the wind blow onto our skin; the warmness dehydrating us but for some reason, I don't mind at all. For now.
  • ''I can see it in your eyes. The way you look at him and I can see the way he looks at you too—it's clear that you still love him, you can't keep on denying that.'' He says, making me furrow my eyebrows, not quite accepting because I'm sure and I've made up my mind on choosing him instead of Elia.
  • ''What are you talking about?'' I shake my head.
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