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Chapter 26

  • Elia
  • ''Do I need to ask you twice?'' I ask.
  • The man coughs out blood before glaring up at me—his eyes filled with hatred and revenge but I continue to look deeply into his eyes, not giving a damn. Both of his hands are tied at the back of the chair as he is being tortured; giving him endless pain. It bothers me most when I ask questions and they start responding like shit so due to that, I give them pain.
  • ''Fuck you,'' He replies through gritted teeth before he continues to clench his jaw. I look at him with anger raising in my eyes but I keep calm, trying to get answers out of him but he keeps on being stubborn. My patience has its limit and if ever cross it, I might do worse than this.
  • ''That's the thing, you can't.''
  • As I crouch down to his level, I let out a smirk before running my fingers through my hair. Both of his eyes won't stop glaring at me so I glance at one of my men, asking them to raise the electricity volt; trying to make sure that he'll bleed, he'll suffer and he'll beg for me to stop.
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