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Chapter 34

  • Rose
  • ''There's an emergency at the office, I'll be back after dinner. Don't wait for me,'' I look up at Elis, seeing that he's busy fixing his hair by looking at the mirror before making his way towards me, pecking onto my lips and looking straight into my eyes. He leans in once more, this time kissing me longer; which I gladly return.
  • ''I'll be going out too,'' I reply.
  • He furrows his eyebrows but before he can respond, his phone starts to ring again. Both of his eyes are focusing back at me, ''Be safe. Call me if you need anything,'' He smiles; hurrying out the door.
  • As soon as the door close shut, I am left with the loneliness that I haven't felt for awhile. Within seconds, I am already tying my hair into a lose ponytail before wrapping a scarf around my neck. After checking one last time in the mirror, I quickly pick up my handbag, walking out the front door with my phone in my hand; truthfully, whenever I walk out of this door, people will see me as normal.
  • Why?
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