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Chapter 40

  • Rose
  • My eyes wide as I turn to face him, seeing him clenching his jaw before taking a few steps closer towards me—closing the distance between us. My body freezes as my mind continues to replay the words he said, wanting me to keep on remembering them; why is he making it hard for us? I thought.
  • ''Marry me,'' He says before cupping my face.
  • ''Let me commit myself to you. Let me show you how much I love you and that I'd do anything. Please, let me have a future with you, let me make you happy, let me love you. I need you, Rose. Don't torture me because I want to be with you—it doesn't matter if I'll lose everything as long as I have you,'' He says, looking straight into my eyes; sending me shivers down my spine.
  • Tears are starting to fall down my cheeks, making me close my eyes—wanting to escape this bittersweet pain yet I'm still here; feeling his touch. My heart starts to slowly break at the situation I'm in, it might actually cause more trouble than good. As I try to look away, he continues to pull my face so that I'll be facing him, resting his forehead against mine. All of a sudden, I feel his tears dropping onto my cheeks; making me cry even more.
  • ''Please, don't leave me.'' He cries.
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