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Chapter 36

  • Rose
  • My lips are curving into a smile as I watch up at the sky; loving the colour. Even though the sun is shining brightly, ever so brightly that it can damage my eyes but I don't feel a slight pain. I only feel the coldness yet my surroundings are filled with warmth.
  • All of a sudden, memories come rushing in; every single one of them are displayed right in front of me. From the moment I was born up till now; the most heartbreaking moment of my life—losing my love.
  • His smile.
  • His gaze. Everything about him shows perfection. From head to toe, he's flawless. Maybe that's one of the reasons why I manage to fall in love with Elia; he's far from the guys I've met—there are probably better men out there but for now, Elia is all I see.
  • We've gone through a lot of happiness and sadness, almost leaving us with nothing to feel. Apparently, we're too broken—only pretending to be happy when we're actually dying. Our hearts are broken into two. He got his heart broken by his first love while I got mine broken by him, seem realistic enough?
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