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Chapter 22

  • Rose
  • ''You left him, why did you leave him?!'' I shout as I turn to face Elis, tears streaming down my cheeks while I keep on imagining things that could've happened to him. 
  • We could've pulled him out with him instead of leaving him there. My heart breaks at my imagination; letting me cover my face with my hand as I run my fingers through my hair, desperately. Elis on the other hand, immediately stops the car, glancing at my direction for a few seconds.
  • ''You're fucked up!'' I shout.
  • When I turn to face him, I see him looking at me in surprised. The way his brown eyes just shows the exact sadness that I'm feeling, it soothes me but I can't help but be mad. I keep on hitting onto his chest, bringing out my pain and transferring it towards him.
  • ''Rose, listen to me.'' He says, trying to cup my face but I keep on hitting him, ''Rose! For fuck's sake, listen to me. Just, listen to me, god damn it.'' He adds, this time I look up into his eyes as he wipes away my tears with his thumb; they never seem to stop from falling.
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