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Chapter 15

  • Rose
  • I am awaken by the sun shining brightly through my window—making me open my eyes slowly, smiling to myself as I stretch out my arms; before turning to see the familiar brown hair. My index finger immediately pokes on the side of his cheek, earning a low groan from him.
  • ''Wake up, sleepyhead.'' I mutter.
  • He peeks through his droopy eyes before grabbing me around the waist—wrapping his arms around my body, securely. I let out breathy laughs, trying to free myself from his grip but once I fail, I just lay near him; snuggling closer. 
  • ''Good morning, sunshine.'' He says, kissing me on the lips and I respond back just as soft.
  • I focus into his brown eyes; enjoying how it reminds me of warmth. Then, I quickly pull him by the arm so that the both of us would be sitting before mess around with his hair in different directions; making him hover on top of me—looking straight into my blue eyes. 
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