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Chapter 11

  • Rose
  • We walk down the pavement, silence accompanying us. All I can think of right now is about Elia; slowly, things about him are being revealed. He was married and that's one of the things that I would never expect from him—who would? He's probably in his late twenties but I never knew someone like him would consider settling down. 
  • I never knew someone like him can even settle down. 
  • ''I know you were awake,'' He says. 
  • My eyes widen slightly before clearing my throat but I choose to not respond. When he notices that I'm not saying anything, he glances at my direction for a few seconds, ''You can ask me anything, Rose.'' He adds.
  • We both keep quiet once more. Deep inside, I want to know more but I'm only hesitating. I look straight down the road; not really knowing where we're going, ''I don't want to ask you anything.'' I answer, shaking my head a little. 
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