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Chapter 20

  • Rose
  • I open my eyes to an empty spot right next to me—making me blink a few times and realise that I'm actually in bed, all by myself. As I sit up straight, I immediately look left to see myself in the mirror; hair in different directions, lips pale and chapped. I definitely look like a mess but I can hardly care. 
  • Sighing, I take a step out of the bedroom to find Elia standing near the glass window as he exhales before I see him holding a cigarette in between his fingers. Within seconds, he turns around to look at me as he clenches his jaw and walk towards me. 
  • Once we're close enough, I look up straight into his eyes, seeing that he's caressing the side of my cheek with his other hand—but I stay still, not wanting to react in any way possible. My heart starts to beat at a fast pace, making me close my eyes in respond to calm it down. 
  • Elia brushes his nose against mine and I feel him holding my face up before meeting my lips in an instant. We both kiss passionately slow and in sync—somehow leaving me to taste the softness of his touch including the sparks that comes flowing by. 
  • He slowly break the kiss, letting our lips brush against once another; leaving traces of the sudden urge. I stay still as he does the same without pulling away or losing the contact of our lips. As I look up into his eyes, I see him looking directly at my lips before he backs away slightly. 
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