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Chapter 37

  • Elia
  • My hand is gripping hard onto the knife as I look up straight at pictures of Elis and Rose. They are both laughing and smiling at each other as he has his arm wrapped around her waist; pulling her close.
  • For some reason, my heart continues to ache.
  • ''God fucking damn it,'' I mutter under my breath. Without me realising, I have already thrown the knife straight towards the board against the wall; trying to find some sort of distraction but it's not as easy.
  • ''You're a fucking idiot, Elia. Why the fuck would you let your girl be with your fucking brother? Fuck. Just tell her the truth, run away with her and bam, you get her for the rest of your life. Fuck it,'' I mutter to myself before standing up and picking up my coat. As soon as I turn towards the door, I see one of Alessia's men standing there; looking straight at me.
  • ''What do you want?'' I ask, harshly. They've been keeping an eye on me for the past few weeks and it has been irritating the hell out of me. I feel like shooting onto their heads and watch them fall onto the ground so that I can get them over with.
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