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Chapter 21

  • Elia
  • Even from behind, I can still recognise her perfectly without a single trouble. As my lips curve up into a small smile, I quickly make my way towards her and wrap my arms around her waist from behind—earning myself a chuckle from her. 
  • Her laugh lightens up my day.
  • I lean in closer to kiss onto the side of her cheek, making her smile wider. My heart flutters at her sight and it starts to beat at a fast pace just by her smile—leaving me breathless. Every single time. Every single moment of us together. 
  • ''Miss me?'' I ask, smiling. 
  • ''More than you miss me,'' She replies, turning around to face me before leaning in closer towards my lips. Once our lips meet, I can't help but kiss her back as a sign that I can and will love her till the end of time. Till the end of my life. 
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