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Chapter 12

  • Rose
  • Sighing, I take a look at my back through the mirror before slowly taking off the large cotton pad—realising that the scar won't fade. As I take a closer look, I somehow start to see myself as a warrior. For once in my life, I don't end up hating on scars that appear on my body.
  • ''You're going to stay there for a long time,'' I mutter under my breath, throwing the cotton pad in the dustbin and fixing my messy dirty blonde hair; wanting to make them look like they're well taken care of.
  • I step out of the bathroom to only come face to face with Elia; as he stands there, crossing his arms before eyeing my face—making me close the door slowly, ''That wasn't nice, you got me all hyped up.'' He says, shrugging. 
  • Light chuckles escape my lips, ''You should learn to control your emotions better,'' I reply, with a smirk plastered on my face.
  • To my surprise, he takes a few steps closer towards me but I stay still, not wanting to show that I'm quite curious of what he might be thinking in his head, ''I should learn to show them better.'' He answers, his voice low and assuring. 
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